Hello, all experts

I figured out the excited update in fullprof, which was we can do refine the 
primitive cell of rhombohedral group immediately.
Fullprof News - 
Full Year 2022----- >> 2 August 2022 : Automatic renumbering of codes used in 
linear restraints ----- - If modifications of VARY/FIX commands to refine or 
fix some parameters were used, the renumbering of explicit codes used in linear 
restraints instructions was not applied.

My material is R 3 m (#160), and I am trying to refine it using R 3 m:R with 
the rhombohedral structure information.

Let me suppose my material is A, the second impurity is B. (my data have only 
two phases)

When I refine using R 3 m with the trigonal structure, I earn the weight 
fraction A:B=80%:20%

But, when I refine using R 3 m:R with the rhombohedral structure, I earn the 
weight fraction A:B=50%:50%.

When I tried both cases, I put all paramteters with same values in the second 
impurity like same scale factor, same profile values..

That is why I am getting in the problem on the weight fraction, and I am so 

Please share your expertise...


Do-Yeon, Kim


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