Hi all

The CIF dictionaries are going through a revision prior to the second
edition of Volume G of the International Tables being finalised.

As a part of this, the Commission on Powder Diffraction is calling for
suggestions for additions to the powder diffraction dictionary.

If you have any ideas for what data and/or metadata you'd like to record
with your powder data and/or structures derived from powder data, please
let me know, and the CPD will collate these suggestions, and work with you,
the CPD, and the Committee for the Maintenance of the CIF Standard for
potential addition to the powder dictionary.

Any potential changes/additions must by signed off by 31 Dec for inclusion
in the next revision.


Matthew Rowles

Adjunct Research Fellow, Curtin University
Consultant to the Commission on Powder Diffraction
Technical Specialist (Mineralogy), Intertek
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