Good night,

I've downloaded and installed clients for Ring both in my laptop, using the 
Debian Stretch OS, and in my tablet, using the Android-based Lineage OS. I 
would like to use the same account on both devices, so I tried to create an 
account in one device and then generating a PIN code to link the other device 
to it as well. But I wasn't able to do that.

By creating an account in Debian, it would show up under Settings -> Accounts 
as “Enabled” but “Not Registered” and attempting to generate a PIN code would 
lead to a loading screen where it reads “Exporting account on the Ring...”; and 
it would just stay there indefinitely. Creating the account from Lineage to 
then export the PIN code from there also does not work, it gets stuck in its 
own loading screen where it reads “Please wait. Publishing new account 

Also, I've made a few attempts with different settings, using the IDs 
“thoreau”, “paine” and “chomsky”. At each new attempt, I failed to recover or 
delete the previous account from the Blockchain. So the former account ID names 
are no longer accessible even to me, as they all count as being “taken”. Which 
is a waste, as noteworthy figures in anarchist literature are scarce.

Hence, I'm getting in contact with you guys. If you could kindly give me some 
advice to troubleshoot this or point me out so some help page, I would be most 
thankful. This is a nice piece of software with even nicer set of principles 
behind it.

I wish you the best.

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