Unfortunately, I'm not able to reproduce the problem here (GNOME/Fedora27).

Could you please open a ticket on Tuleap and try to add more information about
where the program is, with a GDB log of "thread apply all backtrace" command?

Guillaume R.

----- Le 2 Fév 18, à 11:52, Guillaume Roguez 
guillaume.rog...@savoirfairelinux.com a écrit :

> Hi Baptiste,
> Is the Android account was accepted as contacts on the gnome client side?
> I mean do you have accepted the Android trust request on the gnome client
> before?
> ----- Le 2 Fév 18, à 3:59, Baptiste Jonglez bapti...@bitsofnetworks.org a 
> écrit
> :
>> Hi,
>> The latest update (20180201.1.1c179b2, with opendht 1.6.0rc1 and so on, on
>> Arch Linux) seems a bit buggy:
>> - with the gnome client, trying to send text messages to an Android client
>>  never completes, and the ring-daemon process goes to 100% CPU
>> - but I can successfully receive text messages from the same Android client
>> - similarly, I can successfully call from Android to Gnome, but the fails
>>  after a few seconds when trying to call from Gnome to Android
>> - when stopping the Gnome client, WebKitWebProces crashes with a segfault,
>>  I have attached the stacktrace to this email (not sure it is useful but
>>  anyway)
>> Hopes this helps,
> > Baptiste

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