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> He Maxim,
> thanks for your reply and taking time!
> Related to RPM fusion:
> For me there seems to be the problem, that people already have to know about
> Ring.
> There is no chance to stumble and discover it through the categories of the
> AppCenter while searching for Apps they really need.

Yes, we also would prefer to be available 'out of the box' on Fedora, so we are 
interested in evaluating all options.

> Related to the patents:
> 1. Why does Ring have to use FFMPEG at all?

It's currently used for processing (decoding/encoding) video and audio streams. 
It's a required dependency of Ring.

> 2. Could https://pipewire.org/#about be an alternative?

>From a quick glance at the project, it seems PipeWire is about providing a 
>similar set of features as PulseAudio but for videos. It is not dealing with 
>the encoding/decoding of the streams directly itself but can be used with 
>GStreamer, which can do that with its various plugins.

It might be possible to use GStreamer and a select choices of free and patent 
unencumbered codecs, but I'd expect this to be a big effort (to adapt Ring for 

It'd be useful to make a detailed analysis of GStreamer to see how it fares 
against FFmpeg.

Happy Friday!


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