It has been a bug for quite some time.

Sending a message from Linux to Android has the "Sending..." message, which also continues when the computer and Ring are restarted.

Hopefully it can be fixed soon as Sébastien Blin is at FOSDEM 2018 talking about "Ring as a free universal distributed communication platform. The state of the project in 2018."

The final paragraph reads "Finally, the talk goes beyond to look at the 2018's roadmap and to describes the work planned for improving the user experience and the possibilities for Ring."


On 4/2/18 10:04 pm, mdrouet wrote:

I have tested ring on my android with lineageos 14.1.

When I try to send a message, it doesn't work: it says the message is
being sent... But I never receive them on my other device. I can receive
messages though when I send a message from my other device to my android
device... If I quit Ring, I can't open it anymore, I have the welcome
page with a circle that keeps spinning.

I try to delete it, retry everything. I have the same problems. I try
with the fdroid and the google play version. It's the same.

Is it a know problem?



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