On 10/2/18 1:57 am, AmarOk wrote:
Yeah they should, and I got the correct behavior on my computer.

1. Does one computer have "Auto-answer" activated?

2. Another solution is to get the log from the daemon during the incoming call to see if they receive some infos (like answering the ICE request).
Could you please provide a webpage that has some simple instructions on how view the log?

3. Did you revoke one device from the account?

Have a nice day!
Thank you. You too.


On 02/09/2018 04:28 AM, Óvári wrote:

We tested Ring with 3 computers all with ring-gnome 2018-02-01 22:36:43 UTC installed.

The caller rang using the "Place audio-only call" button.

The other 2 computers were signed into the same account which was being called.

Only 1 computer of the 2 computers heard the ringing, the other computer did not.

Is this a bug as all instances of Ring should hear the call?

Thank you

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