* Windows (Win32), macOS: Ring has an embedded updater, can be forced by 
using menu -> check for update 
    * Windows (UWP): Ring updated through the Windows Store 
    * iOS: Ring updated through the App Store 
    * Android: Ring updated through the Play Store 

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Envoyé: Dimanche 15 Avril 2018 06:16:13 
Objet: [Ring] Ring Update under serveral OS's 

Hej there! 

On Linux/GNOME it easy to update Ring automatically using my repositories. 

But my friends on Windows (7,10) & Mac/iOS don't now how to do that. They are 
concerned that they have to to reinstall everything and then will lose their 
contacts/settings as well. As i am not using these platforms: What advice 
i give? Is there something in Ring manuals? 

Thanks for your time & help! 

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