Hi guys,

I have just installed Ring on my desktop, and on my android phone
(Fairphone/Android 4.2.2). I wanted to import the account I created on
my desktop, so I exported it in the gnome-client. In my android
client, the options to import files are: "Contacts", "Gallery",
"NoteBook", "Select Music Track" and "Sound Recorder".
I have tried to rename the file to .mp3 and coping it to a folder
where music tracks are stored, but it doesn't show up (the music
application correcly detects that it is not a mp3 file, I guess).

Is there an obvious way to import an account that has not struck me?

Ring Version:Version 20160803
Gnome-ring version: release: Louis-Joseph Papineau
v1.0.0 - unknown
OS: Debian 8 (jessie).




Robert Nilsson
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