Hello from Taiwan,

previously I installed Ring on Linux mx-15 and linux mint desktop and an
Sony xperia T30 It was all fine.

Today I installed Ring on a Samsung GT-19300
Android version: 4.1.2
Kernel version: 3.0.31 - 1386718
No update available

The installation was easy and worked via f-droid, but I was not able to
import my accounts. When trying to 'Import accounts' the phone gave only
the options to import from 'Contacts', 'Gallery' and 'Music Player'

I couldn't find an option to add a File Manager to the list. I tried
uninstalling 'ring' and reinstalled it via 'google-play'. Same as before.

Powered the phone of and on - nope.

Tried default settings - nope.

I believe it is a Setup problem of the phone, but maybe not.
Did this happen on other devices?
Was there a solution to it?
Do I need to provide certain missing information?

With kind greetings,
Tian Lan
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