On 2018/04/15 15:33 , Stephane Bortzmeyer wrote:
> I'm reasonably certain that it has been possible to use 'sslcert'
> measurements even when the certificate is expired.
> Today, I try to use 'sslcert' with trigger-happy.eu and it fails:
>     "alert": {
>       "description": 40,
>       "level": 2
>     },
> And no certificate in the JSON output (this is measurement #12166428)
> 40 is the very general "handshake failure" of
> TLS. 
> <https://www.iana.org/assignments/tls-parameters/tls-parameters.xhtml#tls-parameters-6>
> Was there a change in Atlas recently? 

Hi Stephane,

What is typically the case is that the server side has all kinds of
restrictions on the ciphers that it is willing to accept.

I recently made some changes to support a server where the sslcert
measurement would also fail. With these changes 'trigger-happy.eu' is
happy as well.

At moment I have no clear idea when the next firmware will be released.
It may take a few months.


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