Dear colleagues

I would like to introduce you to PTNOG - Portuguese Network Operators Group.

PTNOG is an an open group of people and organisations that operate the Internet 
infrastructure in Portugal. This forum has the mission to exchange information, 
technical experiences and have open discussion of all matters related to the 
Internet in Portugal. The intention is to increase cooperation between the 
various networks operating in Portugal in addition to welcoming participation 
from international network operators.

This group was founded by Denesh Bhabuta (UKNOF, DNS-OARC), Eduardo Duarte 
(DNS.PT), Carlos Friaças (FCCN) and João Damas (ESNOG, ISOC-ES, APNIC), who 
work in the Internet industry and have cooperated in various international 
forums. The absence of a forum in Portugal to bring together network engineers 
and operators to meet, interact, discuss and exchange knowledge to improve the 
Internet, prompted them to form PTNOG.

We are organising the first meeting of the Portuguese Network Operators group - 
PTNOG1, taking place in Lisbon during the afternoon of 10 October 2017 (venue 
to be confirmed).

The draft agenda (subject to change) is published on the PTNOG1 page:

We are open to receiving your presentations too. If you have something to share 
with the community, please send your proposals to:

The presentations must be of a network engineering, network operations or 
technical topic. Presentations of a purely commercial nature will not be 

Registration for the event is scheduled to open within a few weeks. To receive 
information about PTNOG1, please subscribe to the meetings mailing list:

Finally, we are still looking for financial support for this and future events, 
so if you would like to become a sponsor of this forum contact us, by email:

More information about PTNOG can be found at:

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