RonM wrote: 
> A tagging utility that automatically populated higher level genre tags
> on the basis of selection of lower level tags would be supremely useful.
> For instance, if I was tagging a Howlin' Wolf record I could just
> select "Chicago Blues" as a bottom level tag, and the utility would
> automatically tag the recording with Chicago Blues, Electric Blues and
> Blues. It could also generate the tag Urban Blues, even though Urban
> Blues are not necessarily Electric.
> This is where I want to take bliss eventually, see
. Currently it only works such that the tree is scanned upwards until an
"allowable" genre is found, and only one genre is supported. But I like
your idea and where you go with it.

I think the main problem with genres is the sheer number of them that
can enter your collection.

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management. 'Read the music library management blog'
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