I had the same problem with another Windows tagging app and Logitech
Media Server running on a Linux NAS - I was baffled as well.  I noticed
in the left pane of LMS my manually tagged MP3s would show 'No Artist'
in the third row when viewing a playlist with the manually tagged file,
but in other places the Artist would display correctly.  I also noticed
that browsing by Album would bring up some strange displays compared to
other MP3s.

In my tagging app, when I set the Artist, it would create a TPE2 frame
(ID3v2.3) with the Artist name.

In LMS 'Settings | My Music' there is an option to 'Treat TPE2 MP3 Tag
as Album Artist".  The default is to treat it as 'Band'. Here is the
pop-up Help display for that item:

-The MP3 tag format does not provide a standard way of defining an Album
Artist. Some MP3 tagging tools use the TPE2 field for Album Artist
(iTunes, Winamp, Windows Media Player) while others may use it for the
intended meaning of "Band/orchestra". Select the meaning you would like
Logitech Media Server to use. Changing this setting will start a rescan
of your music library.- 

Changing that option fixed my Now Playing List!  Apparently, LMS is not
consistent is which frame it uses in different parts of the Web
interface and if you have no Album Artist, then it doesn't display
anything in the lower half of the Now Playing list.

With a quick search I was unable to determine if Vortexbox is running
LMS or not, but check your settings and see if you have my option above
and let me know if that works for you as well.

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