philippe_44 wrote: 
> Use -o - for stdout and then potentially redirect that to a file or pipe
> it to something to recompress

Hi again,

As getiplayer no longer supports BBC radio streams and as BBC flac is
live only, I'm trying to implement this now.

Have tried a variant using an asound.conf to use the alsa pcm file
plugin, as described 'here'
I can save a system file as a new file by playing it back like this:
aplay  -Dsave  /usr/share/orage/sounds/Phone.wav

but if I try to start squeezelite using the same output device, it

./squeezelite -o save -n Recorder
squeezelite: pcm_file.c:576: snd_pcm_file_mmap_commit: Assertion `ofs ==
offset && siz == size' failed.
Aborted (core dumped)

I'm thinking that a stdout redirect would be a more elegant sultion
anyway, but can't think how to do that in the squeezelite start

Did anyone get this working?



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