I too am frustrated with how the software catalogues compilations.   All
of the proposed solutions above fail for me.  I have run tests with only
three albums in the database:

1.       A solo album for which artist = albumartist =
artistsort = trackartist = “Brickman, Jim”; 

2.      A compilation album with artist = actual artist
including one track with artist = “Brickman, Jim”; and albumartist =
artistsort = “Windham Hill Artists”.   

3.      To demonstrate a flaw on the order in which artists
are listed, a solo album for which artist = albumartist = artistsort =
trackartist = “Cohn, Mark”

For all three albums, COMPILATION is not filled (have also tried “0”
with no change in behavior).   

I am using Logitech Media Server Version: 7.9.1 - 1516947667 @ Fri Jan
26 07:06:13 CUT 2018.  My setting are the same as in Post #7 of this
thread.  (In particular, “Group Compilation Albums Together” is

The resulting listings under Artist includes three Artists:

Cohn, Marc

One album with correct tracks

Brickman, Jim

Solo Album, with correct tracks

Compilation Album, with the one track
with Artist = “Brickman, Jim”

Windham Hill Artists

Compilation Album, with correct

Contrary to my wishes, the compilation album is listed under artist
Brickman, Jim.  Even worse, the artist “Brickman, Jim” is not in
alphabetical order.   “Brickman, Jim” is ordered just prior to the
albumartist associated with the compilation album that includes a track
with artist “Brickman, Jim”.  (I’ve  tried more solo album artists, and
this seems to be the rule.)

My solution is very much suboptimal.   I create a tag trackartist that
has the correct artists, and I populate the artist field with the same
entry as albumartist.   I then pre-pend trackartist to the track title.

I suggest that the software be modified so that albums for which there
is an albumartist, the ARTIST tag varies, and does not have a tag
COMPILATION = 1, be catalogued under the albumartist and that the
squeezebox player display ARTIST-TITLE.  The software should treat an
album as a compilation only if there is a tag COMPILATION = 1.

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