rmariger wrote: 
> I suggest that the software be modified so that albums for which there
> is an albumartist, the ARTIST tag varies, and does not have a tag
> COMPILATION = 1, be catalogued under the albumartist and that the
> squeezebox player display ARTIST-TITLE.  The software should treat an
> album as a compilation only if there is a tag COMPILATION = 1.

I think it's more a tagging problem than a problem with how LMS handles
it. For example:

Roger Waters, The Wall: Life in Berlin. The album has different artists
for each track.

- It is NOT listed as a compilation but listed under Roger Waters
- The Artists for the tracks are listed ONLY in Album Artists, if they
  also have an Album in the collection*)
- The COMPILATION tag is NOT set.

The players display:

Another Brick in the Wall II
Roger Waters, Cyndi Lauper (=Album Artist, Artist)

Your suggestion would omit Cyndi Lauper. I, for one, would hate that.

*) There's a setting to use two lists for Album Artists and All Artists
you might want to use. (Settings / My Music)

To conclude: Never set ALBUMARTIST unless in cases like the one I
described above, never set COMPILATION unless it is a compilation, be
super careful when using *SORT tags and always check if there are some
remnant tags messing things up.

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