BJW wrote: 
> So much of what is whacky in server is bc of legacy thinking, instead of
> a fresh, common sense approach that would be much more intuitive and
> also make more sense under the hood of server, making scans and queries
> faster and more reliable.

> grep "18-02-23" /var/log/squeezeboxserver/scanner.log|grep mp3 -c
> 25
upps i didnt see your last post...
BJW wrote: 
> Ha, I fully admit I'm no programmer, but hell, there's a reason this
> didn't take off. I think users can make constructive criticism without
> being attacked by German dogs, ha. 

That means 25 files are scanned in only one second...
Should i dismantle the rest of your Post too???

-attacked by German dogs
mea culpa i didnt start blaming something i didnt have a clue about.


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