d6jg wrote: 
> That is just not true. All ripping software uses some online database or
> other to get its tags. If the online database contains the wrong tags so
> will the resulting files.

ok, this is getting annoying.  you completely missed the point of what i
was saying.

first of all, i already said servers job is not to expect perfection,
that of course garbage in will = garbage out.

the point i am making above, which is 100% true and not refuted by what
you said, is that many rippers WILL create files with tags, (be they
"correct" or not), that have fields like artist, albumartist, album and
title filled in; but they will NEVER have comp tags.

that is an overwhelmingly COMMON scenario that server should expect. 
this is obvious.  this is not controversial or up for debate.  it is a
FACT.  what values are actually in those fields has nothing to do with
anything, it doesn't matter if they are correct or not.  the salient
point is server will get lots and lots of files presented to it with all
those values filled in, but no comp tags.

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