dolodobendan wrote: 
> Yes. I never rely on some online tags. There's always something wrong
> with it. Always.

when i rip something, (mainly with EAC), i get the fields filled in by
the online DBs, and then i edit them to correct them if necessary prior
to the rip.  this has been the case for what, 20 some years?  sometimes
i need to edit the tags after ripping too, if i overlooked something or
want to change sorting or want to add comp tags, etc.

but just to be clear, that all has nothing to do with the fact, that
most rippers don't assign comp tags at all (as part of the ripping

using:  win7 64 + lms 7.9 & duet & ipads w/the logitech app, and ipeng
on an ipod &
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