BJW wrote: 
> ok, this is getting annoying.  you completely missed the point of what i
> was saying.
> first of all, i already said servers job is not to expect perfection,
> that of course garbage in will = garbage out.
> the point i am making above, which is 100% true and not refuted by what
> you said, is that many rippers WILL create files with tags, (be they
> "correct" or not), that have fields like artist, albumartist, album and
> title filled in; but they will NEVER have comp tags.
> that is an overwhelmingly COMMON scenario that server should expect. 
> this is obvious.  this is not controversial or up for debate.  it is a
> FACT.  what values are actually in those fields has nothing to do with
> anything, it doesn't matter if they are correct or not.  the salient
> point is server will get lots and lots of files presented to it with all
> those values filled in, but no comp tags.

I repeat you are wrong. I have ripped CDs using iTunes (Windows & Mac),
XLD, EAC, DbPoweramp, as well as the Linux ripper/tagged in Vortexboxe.
I have never manually created any Compilation tags but lo and behold I
have some albums where such tags exist. Where did they come from? The
answer is obvious. They came from the online database that whichever
ripper I used has used to create the tags. I can if you wish find you
examples where the Compilation tag is by our definition correct and also
where it is wrong but I assure you I have never created such tags
manually nor do I believe that iTunes (which I dumped very early on) is
the main culprit. Why do you persist in stating that ripping software
does not create Compilation tags when patently they do?

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