d6jg wrote: 
> I repeat you are wrong. I have ripped CDs using iTunes (Windows & Mac),
> XLD, EAC, DbPoweramp, as well as the Linux ripper/tagged in Vortexboxe.
> I have never manually created any Compilation tags but lo and behold I
> have some albums where such tags exist. Where did they come from? The
> answer is obvious. They came from the online database that whichever
> ripper I used has used to create the tags. I can if you wish find you
> examples where the Compilation tag is by our definition correct and also
> where it is wrong but I assure you I have never created such tags
> manually nor do I believe that iTunes (which I dumped very early on) is
> the main culprit. Why do you persist in stating that ripping software
> does not create Compilation tags when patently they do?

friend, u need help with reading comprehension.  i never said *ALL*
rippers don't set comp tags when they rip, i know some, like itunes, do.
that was never in contention!

what i have been saying, is that a lot of rippers DON'T set comp tags at
all, like winamp, EAC, WMP, etc...  WMP is a very popular ripper in the
marketplace, EAC is very popular here in these forums, etc.  YOU ARE
WRONG when you say EAC sets comp tags.  if it suddenly does, thats news
to me, and is a very recent development, but i suspect it still doesn't
write comp tags, and never has.

i stated the situation 100% correctly and you are mischaracterizing and
uncomprehending of what i said.

using:  win7 64 + lms 7.9 & duet & ipads w/the logitech app, and ipeng
on an ipod
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