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> I didn’t say EAC specifically did at any point. I know it doesn’t.
> You on the other hand have said that MOST don’t. I disagree. iTunes
> does. XLD does. The ripper in Vortexbox does. DbPoweramp (the paid
> version) allows you to choose before you rip. It is the only software
> that I know of that shows you pre rip whether the dB it uses has
> suggested a Compilation tag and allows you to overwrite the choice.
> I suspect the free version if dbPoweramp does not offer this feature but
> can’t be sure.
> Given that significant examples of Ripping software DO create
> Compilation tags why wouldn’t LMS use them?
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Btw Winamp and WMP are not good examples as ripping is not their primary
purpose is it?

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