d6jg wrote: 
> I didn’t say EAC specifically did at any point. I know it doesn’t.

good lord.  to wit:

d6jg wrote: 
> I repeat you are wrong. I have ripped CDs using iTunes (Windows & Mac),
> XLD, *EAC,* DbPoweramp, as well as the Linux ripper/tagged in
> Vortexboxe. I have never manually created any Compilation tags but lo
> and behold I have some albums where such tags exist. Where did they come
> from? The answer is obvious. They came from the online database that
> whichever ripper I used has used to create the tags.

see the BOLD above.  come on man, knock it off.

d6jg wrote: 
> You on the other hand have said that MOST don’t. I disagree. iTunes
> does. XLD does. The ripper in Vortexbox does. DbPoweramp (the paid
> version) allows you to choose before you rip. It is the only software
> that I know of that shows you pre rip whether the dB it uses has
> suggested a Compilation tag and allows you to overwrite the choice.
> I suspect the free version if dbPoweramp does not offer this feature but
> can’t be sure.
> Given that significant examples of Ripping software DO create
> Compilation tags why wouldn’t LMS use them?

wow, where to begin?

first of all, i never said server shouldn't use comp tags!  i never
would say such a stupid thing.  i have been arguing for a pref to turn
automatic VA logic detection off.  i have been using common expected
scenarios to illustrate the rationale behind the request.

secondly, it doesn't matter if its most or not, totally besides the
point i was making, why u 2 focus on that is baffling.  after itunes:
WMP, winamp, and EAC, are 3 of the most popular rippers in marketshare. 
they don't set comp tags at rip.  thats all that needs to be said for
the purposes of my request.  its not something to debate or argue over,
its a simple, obvious FACT.

i don't know if dbpoweramp does the comp tag in the free ver or not, and
either way, its irrelevant to the discussion.  i've never even heard of
XLD.  but i am quite sure those 2 rippers, and Vortexbox represent a
small minority of the marketshare, not that it matters a whit.

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