BJW wrote: 
> good lord.  to wit:
> see the BOLD above.  come on man, knock it off.
> wow, where to begin?
> first of all, i never said server shouldn't use comp tags!  i never
> would say such a stupid thing.  i have been arguing for a pref to turn
> automatic VA logic detection off.  i have been using common expected
> scenarios to illustrate the rationale behind the request.
> secondly, it doesn't matter if its most or not, totally besides the
> point i was making, why u 2 focus on that is baffling.  after itunes:
> WMP, winamp, and EAC, are 3 of the most popular rippers in marketshare. 
> they don't set comp tags at rip.  thats all that needs to be said for
> the purposes of my request.  its not something to debate or argue over,
> its a simple, obvious FACT.
> i don't know if dbpoweramp does the comp tag in the free ver or not, and
> either way, its irrelevant to the discussion.  i've never even heard of
> XLD.  but i am quite sure those 2 rippers, and Vortexbox represent a
> small minority of the marketshare, not that it matters a whit.

I didn’t say that all the rippers I used created Compilation tags. I
merely said that I had used lots of different software to put into
context the fact that I am aware that not all software is the same.
You have used 3 examples. WinAmp, WMP and EAC. In my view (and I suspect
most others who frequent this forum on a regular basis) I wouldn’t
bother with WinAmp or WMP. EAC is good but being freeware it lacks the
polish and advanced features of dbPoweramp. If you have never tried that
then I suggest you do.

My argument with your point is that you use 3 specific examples of
ripping software as your driver to seek the removal of the existing
Various Artist logic in LMS. 2 of the 3 aren’t rippers by design - it is
an additional feature - to their main purpose. You have ignored the fact
that a significant number of other pieces of software do use (or give
you the option to use) Compilation tags. Personally I don’t like them
but that’s my choice.

IMHO there is very little wrong with the logic in LMS when compared to
other software of its ilk and I think Michael has a lot more pressing
and important stuff that he wants to deal with.
On that note I am going to bed and will put my headphones on and listen
to some music. 

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