Sounds like you're looking for rivendell_filter

rivendell_filter will copy carts and database entries for a cart group,
or a range of carts (or a single cart) to another system.  I did this
not too long ago to use a laptop as a demo of Rivendell, I wanted to
grab a sample set of carts as opposed to an entire library.  You can
search the Wiki, here's the direct link:


What I did for my setup:

1. Installed a fresh copy of Rivendell in stand alone mode on my demo
laptop, got it all up and running, made sure I could play a test file
and such. Tested a local import and made sure that worked, etc.

2. Created the groups on my demo system that I wanted to bring over

3. Temporarily mounted my /var/snd on my Source Rivendell server to a
folder in the home folder on my demo machine with read only access to
the source (so I mounted the source /var/snd to a folder that I created
/home/demo/mnt )

4.  Made sure I had enough disk space, and then ran from a shell:

rivendell_filter -h -u rduser -p letmein -A /home/demo/mnt

It took some time, but imported the entire MUSIC1 group on to my demo

Note, it does not import things such as clocks, logs, etc. This script
only deals with carts in the library, so if you want that to come across
you'll need to use one of the methods to do this.  But it sounds like it
this may be what you're looking for.

Lorne Tyndale

> Hello,
> A stand alone but I need only one or two groups of carts. 
> Unfortunately, the carts numbers are too mixed in differents so I can't 
> rely on these
> My /var/snd is too big for this computer :-)
> In RDAdmin -> 'Manage Replicators' you can choose groups but it doesn't 
> seem to export to another Rivendell.
> If there is no easy way, I'll do it with a SQL request but I don't want 
> to reinvent an existing procedure :-)
> Thx
> Le 2017-08-04 22:09, Lorne Tyndale a écrit :
> > Hi,
> >
> > It all depends on what exactly you're trying to achieve.  Are you 
> > trying
> > to have this "outside" system tied in / connected to your main system 
> > at
> > the station, or is it going to be a stand-alone?
> >
> > Replicating the system is fairly straight forward - have Rivendell
> > installed on your target machine.  Copy over your /var/snd to your 
> > new
> > machine.  Copy over the database.  Make sure your new machine is 
> > listed
> > / set up in the rivendell hosts in rdadmin and has access to the 
> > service
> > / library / etc that you want it to have access to.  You're then up 
> > and
> > running with a stand alone machine which has the same music library /
> > clocks / etc.
> >
> > Lorne Tyndale
> >>
> >> Hello,
> >>
> >> We'd like to copy our Rivendell to a light version in a computer for
> >> outside animation (without show specific carts)
> >>
> >> I found an old mail
> >> 
> >> (http://caspian.paravelsystems.com/pipermail/rivendell-dev/2011-December/014270.html)
> >> talking about Replicators.
> >>
> >> It seems that it answers our concern but I don't know if the feature
> >> has been developped since
> >>
> >> Is it the right explanation ?
> >>
> >> Thanks :-)
> >>
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