and the permissions in the NFS exports file

On 02/02/2018 10:52 AM, Lorne Tyndale wrote:
Sounds like a permissions thing on /var/snd.  Double check the
permissions and that the users/groups are set up correctly.

Also make sure that the machine running your Apache server and the
rivendell cgi has the needed permissions and can see your new /var/snd

Lorne Tyndale

I can delete carts in rdlibrary but not directly in var snd


On 2 Feb 2018 10:27, "Tim Camp" <> wrote:


We just installed a new nfs server for /var/snd.
Redirected all clients.
Now on any client you can record, you can import into a already existing
cart, but you cannot create a new cart.

Error is unable to create destination file

I know this is in my brain but after a all nighter I'm not able to pull it


Tim Camp

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