That is already set to "play".

I'm talking about when I drag-and-drop carts into the PRE-IMPORT CARTS box or the POST-IMPORT CARTS box

when using RDLogManager and editing an event.  They always come up as SEGUE.


On 02/12/2018 05:20 PM, Geoff Barkman wrote:

Hi Chris. If you go into rdadmin and the edit hosts. There is an option in the rdairplay to change the default transition. You'll have to restart the rdairplay app. To see the changes.
Many thanks
Geoff barkman

On Feb 12, 2018 1:20 PM, " <>" < <>> wrote:

    I'm in the Editing Event screen.
    I put carts into the pre-import window.
    I have to right-click them, each one, and change the transition
    from "segue" to "play".

    Is there a control somewhere that will make the default already be
    "play" so that I don't
    have to modifyeach one?

    Chris Howard
    Classic Book Radio
    Columbus, MS

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