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> Then what do you do when the installer doesn't recognize critical pieces 
> of hardware, such as NICs, hard drive controllers, or video chipsets?

 I have run into that, but on older chipsets where Red Hat has dropped
 support, not newer.
 F'instance, the LMC T-1 card, which has been a part of the kernel code
 since 2.2.x.
 It's still in the kernel, but RH has removed necessary other parts to make it 
 I still have two of those cards, but they aren't 64 bit, and since they haven't
 been produced in a decade or so, aren't gonna be anytime soon.
 I ( yes, ME ) am not gonna run right out and buy all new hardware just
 because Micro$oft ( and by extension Red Hat, and by further 
 extension CentOS ) says I must.

 The situation of which you speak, I have run into, maybe once, a board
 where I had to plug a NIC into a slot to finish the install, and do an update,
 but after that everything else just worked.



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