I appreciate your reply. How long do these refurbished HP 8300's last? I see they have great reviews on Amazon.

Are you using Audio Science sound cards in these by chance?

Rich Stivers

On 2/12/2018 20:46, Steve Varholy wrote:

I prefer to use enterprise/corporate level systems that have come off lease and have been refurbished.

After suffering through years of Dell Optiplexes that have bad motherboard capacitors, we've moved over to HPs with Intel i5 processors. In particular, I have had good luck with the 8300 series with a mix of USF/Slim Form Factor/Desktop and Mini-Tower. They can run Windows XP (for our iMediaTouch system - scheduled for upgrade to the latest version or replacement with Rivendell) so you shouldn't have any issues.�

I have Rivendell built from the Appliance on a 8300 Slim Desktop/SSD and it's been rock solid for a year.

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I need to upgrade an older PC running Rivendell that was built from the Appliance DVD. Of the people who prefer an
Appliance build, what new PC's have all of you recently purchased to run Rivendell? Did you buy a name brand PC or
build it from components?

I usually buy my new Windows PC's from a friend who builds PC's from components. When I asked him about putting
together a PC to run Centos 6,� he was concerned Centos 6 may not run on the latest chipsets. Is this true?

All comments welcome.

Rich Stivers
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