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> I had this issue which was known in 2.17 and was told it was fixed in 2.18.2.
> However it still persists.
> After upgrading all clients in the group to 2.18.2 if you copy a cut from one 
> cart to a cut in another cart, it will not play and if you hit edit markers 
> you get a cannot read peak data error.
> Because we are launching a couple of new stations there are some things that 
> a need a copy of in a new group. i have been trying to avoid having to export 
> or re-rip these songs.
> Anyway still no go on copy paste.

Unable to reproduce this issue here.

Have you checked ownership and permissions of the files in ‘/var/snd’? They 
should be 0660 or 0664 and owned by the user/group specified in the
[Identity] section of rd.conf(5) (‘rivendell’/‘rivendell’ by default on 
CentOS-based setups, but YMMV).


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