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> While that would eliminate the compile error, I don't think it
> would answer the question, which I think is more about understanding
> *why* this error is occurring, not how to work around it.

It’s primarily about dependencies and tool-chains. About 99% of the 
documentation in Rivendell is written in DocBook 5. Rendering that into 
convenient human-readable form (PDFs, web pages, man pages) requires 
installation of a typesetting toolchain. It’s not all that difficult to do 
(instructions are in the ‘INSTALL’ file), but it’s not commonly part of most 
compiler setups and involves more than just installing a few -devel packages. 
Hence, we pre-build the docs and package them in the tarballs posted at 
http://rivendellaudio.org <http://rivendellaudio.org/>. If all one needs to do 
is simply build Rivendell for a particular platform (as opposed to hacking on 
it), that can then be done from those tarballs without needing the special 

However, if after unpacking the tarball, the datestamp on one or more of the 
documentation source files (located in ‘docs/‘) is updated (by modifying one of 
the files, or even just touch(1)ing it), the build system will detect that and 
want to rebuild the relevant portion of the docs on the basis of the ‘changed’ 
source. Hence, the errors about not being able to find various strangely-named 
programs like ‘fop’ and ‘xsltproc’. Those are all part of the DocBook 5 
typesetting toolchain.


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