Here is what I have been doing

I have been trying to make backup of database. I have tries different ways to still no success. I have not changes anything in the config Here is what I have don so far. 1. I Mounted a hardrive to the Machine Did a Mysquldump to a local folder. I have some instruction bit they I am Missing something. Is Not making The Backup 2. I Was trying to connect to The Mysql Database. It doe not let me Fails to connect. Does Anyone have any documentation or Procedures to connect to The Mysql Database. I am Using Original Set up no changes to The system.

I am als trying to copy The Entire Var Directory. Thiers The gmd & SMD that I don't have right to.. I am trying to also fighure out wher the Logs are Kept so I can Make a back up of those to It a ong process to try to copy one by one in RD Log editor.

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