Hi all,

I got this warning from mail report as following:

Warning: Network TCP port 60922 is being usedzaRwT.KiT. Possible rootkit:
         Use the 'lsof -i' or 'netstat -an' command to check this.

I tried to find the information about usedzaRwT.KiT/zaRwT.KiT and can't find
I tried to find the log of that day, but it was overwrote so that I don't
know what happened. I have set it logrotated.
After that day, there is no the same warning message appeared again in the
daily report.

What should I do to check about this RootKit?

By the way, how can I add some files to be checked?
For example, I would like to create some scripts and configuration files
into /usr/local/bin or somewhere like /usr/local/my
And I would like RKHunter to check them.

I have added the following to be test, but they don't be shown in the


Please advise me and thank you in advance.

Best Regards,
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