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meik michalke <meik.micha...@uni-duesseldorf.de> wrote:
> do you have full translations when you run the 0.7.0 release? i still
> have a mix of german and english with the dailies, but maybe it's
> just my setup.

I'm afraid that's due to a poor state of (de) translations for the
plugins and pages. Note that for the release, I have reinstated the
rule that translations need to be at least 80% complete in order to be
installed. de falls short of that - by a large margin - for all but the
"main catalog" (i.e. the C++ messages).

Note separately distributed / installed plugins have separate catalogs,
that's why you will see "Textanalyse" translated, for instance, but
not most other entries in the Analysis menu.

Try a complete translation like uk or nl, and you should see everything

(I think our overall translation status will improve, once we finally
move from "playground" to "extragear", which I intend to get started
soon after the release.)


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