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Ben Cooksley <bcooks...@kde.org> wrote:
> - RKWard (rkward.kde.org): This site is currently based on Mediawiki,
> which is substantially more difficult to maintain and keep updated
> compared to a site built using Hugo, Jekyll, Wordpress or Drupal.
> Given that the site was last updated back in early 2018, i'd like to
> make this static, and should updates need to be made in the future the
> content can then be converted at that time into something more easy to
> maintain.

please not static. I know we have not been active of late, but it
totally won't help, if we need to climb a hill of administrative tasks,
before we can even get starting thinking about making a new release.
Frankly, we did not come to KDE back in the day in order to increase
our administrative overhead...

We're really open to solutions of all kinds. Twice sysadmin had
proposed to somehow unify the rkward mediawiki installation with
the techbase and userbase installation. We gave green light on both
occasions, but nothing happened after that.

I wouldn't mind any other hosting solution, really, it doesn't have to
be wiki-based. Provided that we can have a - relatively - smooth
migration path, and that we don't have to switch to something new yet
again, in two or three years.


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