Hi again,

On Wednesday 29 August 2012, Birk Diedenhofen wrote:
> I thought it would be great to have a GUI element in RKWard that allows to
> enter a nxn matrix: First, n has to be specified. Then the user can type
> his or her data in a simple table with n rows and n columns. Finally, a
> matrix is created from that.

ok, the current development version has a <matrix> element, now. It is not 
quite finished from a user's perspective (cut / copy / paste are still 
missing, and there are a few cursor placement quirks), but from the 
perspective of a plugin developer, I consider it done.

for documentation. There is also a testing plugin in the sources at 
rkward/plugins/testing/matrix1.xml, which should illustrate the main uses.
> What do you think? How much effort would it take to implement such an
> element? I am sure Qt provides simple tables for this purpose. The
> dimensions of the table must then somehow be manipulated via JavaScript.

The dimensions can be manipulated by setting (or <connect>ing) the "rows" and 
"columns" properties.


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