On Monday 25 February 2013, meik michalke wrote:
> but i was wondering if there's already an nice way to turn the columnwise
> approach into rowwise results? i've just implemented my first optionset in
> the skeleton plugin of rkwarddev (only in the script version, as of now,
> i'm just testing), and noticed i'd rather have the values row by row. if
> there's nothing yet, i'll maybe try to add some function to rkwarddev that
> takes a full optionset and turns its values into a data.frame. or
> something similar...

it's all column-based, so far, as that turned out to be the only sane way to 
organize the data, internally. But when accessing the data from JS, row-based 
access may make a lot of sense, in many cases, and beyond rkwarddev.

Consider whether (some of) this can be implemented in plain JS. In theory we 
can include simple and useful JS functionality in common.js (which is included 
in all plugins). I'm not quite sure what exactly should go in there, and so 
I've been rather reluctant about adding anything, there, but it's an option to 
keep in mind. (Or we could provide JS "libraries" for plugins to include, 

BTW, my own experience with using optionsets is not exactly extensive, either. 
I've only created a single "real" optionset myself so far (Data->Sort data; if 
you are mostly interested in the xml-side of things, there are some more 
examples in under_development.pluginmap, though: Analysis->Optionset test).


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