On Monday 29 September 2014 12:54:49 Jolay606 wrote:
> Application: rkward (0.6.1)
> KDE Platform Version: 4.13.3 (Compiled from sources)
> Qt Version: 4.8.6
> Operating System: Linux 3.11.10-21-desktop x86_64
> Distribution: "openSUSE 13.1 (Bottle) (x86_64)"
> -- Information about the crash:
> What I did :
> 1. open rkward (empty workspace)
> 2. open a recent workspace (in my case, that opened two script files and two
> function help)
> 3. right-click on one toolbar in order to select "display icon only" ->
> crash !
> RKWard does not crash if one stays with an empty workspace (no action 2) or
> if the order of the actions are 1-3-2 instead of 1-2-3. However the toolbar
> icon/text setting is not persistent.
> The crash can be reproduced every time.

Thanks for your report. This looks awfully close to the report you sent early 
in 2013. Back then I was thinking, it was this issue in kdelibs: 
https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=296622 . But this should long be fixed. 
Let's see:

1. I could not reproduce this, yet. I guess it does take some special 
ingredients to trigger the bug. Could you post the .rkworkplace-file that 
belongs to the workspace in question? (No need to post the data or the script 

2. Can you tell, whether the problem was gone some time between your two 
reports? If so, can you pinpoint, when the problem started occuring, again?

3. I can reproduce the problem about toolbar settings not being saved. 
However, as I'm going with the defaults, myself, I am unsure, whether this is 
a new or an old problem. Can you tell?


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