On Tuesday 07 October 2014 17:19:16 meik michalke wrote:
> Am Montag, 29. September 2014, 20:21:33 schrieb Thomas Friedrichsmeier:
> > RKWard: 0.6.2. I would like to ask you for help in testing, packaging and
> > translating.
> a colleague of mine tried to upgrade to the new windows bundle -- but
> failed. the only thing he gets is a "no such file or directory" error,
> while it remains unclear which file/directory is in question.
> he had RKWard installed before and it worked fine. we tried to remove the
> .rkward folder as well as all other folders related to the previous
> installation, re-installed and rebooted several times, but to no avail.
> ideas?

- Any chance he was using existing icons / shortcuts / link from a previous 
install (and now pointing into the void)? Try starting from

- Start from the command line using rkward.exe --debug-level 4. This should 
print a bit more info.

- Try to specify the location of R, explicitly:
  rkward.exe --debug-level 4 --r-executable C:\RKWARDbundle\R\bin\i386\R.exe
(or whereever R is at).

- Does any window show up, at all? Is that literally the whole error message?

- While this _should_ not be a problem, any longer, the safest installation 
path has no spaces in any folder name, and all parts of the folder name are 8 
characters or less.

- If all else fails, you could try using the custom installer. This can simply 
be pointed to KDE and R in the bundle.


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