Am Dienstag, 14. Oktober 2014, 04.32:02 schrieb Prasenjit Kapat:
> Hi All,

Morning Prasenjit

> I haven't kept up with the development in a long long while, so my comments
> may seem out-of-turn! (I don't have much idea about the KDE's software
> development practices, either.)
> On Mon, Oct 13, 2014 at 5:29 AM, Thomas Friedrichsmeier <


> > > > is available). Would that be considered ok? For a decentral MediaWiki
> > > > installation, could accounts be used for login?
> > > 
> > > KDE identify access works for all three wikis so it's possible.
> > 
> > What I meant is: Could accounts be made to work for a fourth,
> RKWard-
> > specific wiki? Or would this even be considered mandatory?
> This is, technically, a hurdle - in the sense that - a user may not want to
> create a '' account just to edit the wiki. But, thinking
> practically, I think, most edits to the wiki come from within the team.

Then you could create a normal account on the wiki as you need to do on almost 
all wikis, right?


> > techbase / userbase split (e.g. the pages for installing on the various
> > platforms). So, it would be much easier for us to keep things that way,
> > initially, and then see where things are going, in the long run, _after_
> > migrating.
> My 2 cents worth:
> If we can not get a landing, we can stick to
> as the the only source of information and userbase can
> simply link to techbase. As an aside, in the early days, even our sf wiki
> page seemed convoluted to me. Eventually, you get used to it! So, even if
> the techbase / userbase results in an unavoidable fragmentation, we will
> get used to it. (But what about the users? I know.. )
> Btw, who created this location?

Looks like some of the KDE Documentation team.

> In that case, we can make userbase as a place for screenshots and news -
> that's it. For everything else, head over to techbase.

Rkward will more or less automatically get a page like this:

Then we'd collect the end user documentation on userbase (with the help of our 
docu team) and the documentation for developers on Techbase. But that will 
take time and that's ok. See the other mails for details about the wikis and 
the plans.


> Reading the "Application_Lifecycle" page, I have a feeling that we will be
> shunting back-and-forth between "playground" and "kdereview" a few times
> before we hit the sweet spot for KDE review team's approval.

Why do you think? It's not that you're stalled in the review process and can't 
do anything. Normally the review process is quite constructive feedback and 
help and nothing to keep you back.

> What about downstream? Do the downstream distributions (stable / unstable /
> LTE / enterprise-ready versions) grab applications from playgorund /
> kdereview stage?

Honestly I think they will do what you/we tell them. If we make some nice 
promo stuff, the software is stable and some nice dot story then they will 
pick what we tell them.

> Ideally, as Mario mentioned, it may make sense to be part
> of the kde-edu ( group.

And yes that makes sense.


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