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On Friday 24 October 2014 01:49:31 meik michalke wrote:
> Am Donnerstag, 23. Oktober 2014, 20:48:46 schrieb t...@users.sf.net:
> > Add - buggy,  incomplete - python script to extract messages from
> > pluginmap, and all referenced .xml and .rkh files.
> why not use XiMpLe for this and do it inside R?

that was my first idea, too. My reasons to do it in python, anyway:

- slightly easier to write
- can be included in the automatically running scripts on KDE's repo, easily
- in order to actually prepare the .pot files, you need additional tools, 
anyway (xgettext), so there is no R-only solution in the first place. 
(Although that may be possible to do, too).

That said, the script is not going to get much more complex, and it should be 
quite possible to re-do it in R/XiMpLe, once ready. In fact, that may still 
make a lot of sense, esp. for external plugins.
Right now the most important point is to find out, what context information we 
can give to translators, how to best split up message catalogs, and to test, 
whether what we have so far is enough, conceptually, to allow for good 


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