Am Sonntag, 23. November 2014, 21:14:16 schrieb Aaron Batty:
> K, I just tested. It turns out that it works okay in Windows, so I will now
> go yell at all those students who told me it didn't.
> It does not, however, work on the Mac. Here is what happens when trying to
> drag something out of the output:

just to make sure: do you know that you can export plots in various formats 
directly from the graphics window? this was *not* possible in previeous 
versions of RKWard on mac, only after thomas added the RK() device.

in most plot dialogs, you can use the preview checkbox to get the graphics 
device, and once it fits your needs, click "device" -> "export". you can then 
save your plot wherever you want and don't have to search hidden folders for 
that, and you're free to chose from various formats (PNG, PDF, SVG, EPS, even 

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