On Friday 28 November 2014 01:18:53 Stefan Rödiger wrote:
> My vote: alphabetical sorting only within each group

ok, I did that (and if we don't like it, it will be easy to remove the 
alphabetical sorting).

Now a lot depends on coming up with a sensible grouping. We'll have to see 
about that. Here are some details of the current implementation:

- You can define groups inside any menu like this:
  <group id="somegroup"/>
- If you want the group to be separated from other entries, use:
  <group id="somegroup" separated="true"/>
- Entries, menus, and groups can be appended to a specified group, using:
  <entry component="..." group="somegroup"/>
- In fact, it is also possible to define groups (without separator lines) 
  <entry component="first" group="a"/>
  <entry component="third"/>
  <entry component="second" group="a"/>
- Group names are specific to each menu. Group "a" in menu "Data" does not 
conflict with group "a" in menu "Analysis", for example.
- I believe, the most common use case is defining groups at the top, or at the 
bottom of a menu. For this, there are pre-defined groups "top" and "bottom" in 
each menu.
- Entries within each group are sorted, alphabetically. Groups appear in the 
order of declaration (unless appended to another group, of course).
- Menus and entries without group specification logically from a group (""), 

Please experiment with this, if you care. As long as this is not released, it 
will be easily possible to change details. Afterwards that may be more 


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