On Thursday 04 December 2014 14:41:01 m. eik michalke wrote:
> oops, setting an empty label for <browser> also made .addFromUI() produce an
> empty variable name and by that an infinte loop.

hm. Two issues, here:
1) When parsing a command like 
R seems to resort to a strange hack to make this fail. In essence, this causes 
R to jump back to its top-level loop, while we did not expect it (other parse 
errors are handled in a less drastic manner). Should now be fixed, i.e. only a 
regular error, not RKWard going into an endless loop. Fortunately this only 
affected commands that are _not_ treated as user-commands in RKWard.

2) I got confused about where the label comes from. What I meant to suggest 
was rather: Keep the label on the <browser>, drop the "Save to"-label from the 
<frame> around it. That would allow you to continue using addFromUI(). 
However, it really does not matter, either way.


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