On Thursday 04 December 2014 21:39:14 Yuri Chornoivan wrote:
> Due to some subtle peculiarities of xgettext processing some extracted
> strings (those with '%') are now wrongly c-formatted which prevents them
>  from to be translated well.

I see.

> It is usually enough to add "xgettext:no-c-format" for such messages to be
> processed right, but it is evidently not the case this time (tested).

I guess that's because the extraction script just strips all comments that 
don't start with i18n: or translators:.

> Is there any way to post-process the file to replace #, c-format with #,
> no-c-format ?

I've tried smartening up the extraction script to insert /* xgettext:no-c-
format */ in front of the calls in question (after all comment stripping). 
This seems to produce the desired result. Please test.


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