Hi all!

Somehow I forgot to drop you a note, but if you have visited the
project web site, recently, you will have noticed, that the main web
pages are now at http://rkward.kde.org - and much faster, esp. as far
as editing is concerned.

Time for the next step in our migration: Mailing lists. We currently

- rkward-devel. 67 subscribers, archive dating back to the very
  beginnings of RKWard. Our primary mailing list.
- rkward-users. 148 subscribers, created in 2007. Less active than we'd
  originally hoped for, but seems to be quite popular for subscriptions.
- rkward-cvs. 11 subscribers, created in 2004. Receives code commit
- rkward-tracker. 10 subscribers, created in 2005. This currently
  receives notifications of bug tracker activity, and of daily build
- rkward-announce. 9 subscribers, of whom 2 are also subscribed to
  rkward-users (and mails are fowarded to rkward-devel and
  rkward-users), created in 2011. For release announcements, and calls
  for translations.

I'd like to propose the following migration plan. Does this sound
reasonable to you?

- rkward-devel is migrated to kde.org including all subscribers and the
  mailing list archive. rkward-de...@lists.sourecforge.net is set up
  to forward to rkward-de...@kde.org, and will be kept around for some
- rkward-users is migrated in the same way.
- rkward-cvs and rkward-tracker are merged into one list
  "rkward-tracker". This will continue to receive commit-notifications
  and daily build failures. Bug tracker activity will be directed to
  rkward-devel in the future. Since these two lists were never meant
  for manual posting, the old lists can be shut down rather quickly.
- rkward-announce is dropped, as it does not seem worth the effort.
  Calls for translations will be sent to kde-i18n-...@kde.org (where our
  translations are now managed). Calls for testing will be sent to
  rkward-devel and rkward-users as before. For those who are interested
  in strictly release announcements, only, I suppose the best hint will
  be to subscribe to the RSS feed on freshcode
  (http://freshcode.club/projects/rkward). Other ideas?

Lists may have to be set read-only during migration, briefly. We'll try
to make any such transition period as short as possible.


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