Conform relatării lui Gijs Hillenius de pe grupul GOV-OSS-RC
<>, în
camera inferioară a Parlamentul Olandez a fost adoptată o inițiativă
privind obligația utilizării standardelor deschise în administrația
publică. Deci și a programelor cu surse deschise ...

Iată textul comunicatului difuzat și comentat pe LinkedIn
Law to be introduced in 2017

*The use of open standards is to be made mandatory for public
administrations in the Netherlands. A law proposed by MP Astrid Oosenbrug
was adopted by the Lower House of the Parliament yesterday. According to
the MP, the open standards requirement will be one of several changes to
the country’s administrative law, introduced next year. “The minister
earlier agreed to make open standards mandatory”, she said. “Parliament is
making sure this actually happens.”*

The first public administration that should improve its use of open
standards, is the Parliament’s Lower House itself, Oosenbrug said.
“Ironically, the Lower House published the adopted law on its website by
providing a download link to a document in a proprietary format.”
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