I think this PR should be suspended for now, since more that a year has
passed since the date of the PR and many things have changed in the doc
(share) infrastructure; I will be reviewing the changes in the next week
and I hope to come out with the appropriate patches. I think we should
continue our work on rofug cvs server and come back here when we really
have something to add. ( But of course members of FRTP Team @ rofug.ro
could think otherwise, hence the list is cc'ed ).

I think we've agreed to go on ISO8859-2 for now, because the support for
-16 in apps is not as wide as we would like; sometime in the future we
would like to switch from ISO8859-2 ls -16 or UTF8 because the
characters from -2 aren't really appropriate for Romanian (they are
Turkish), but that shouldn't pose many problems once we have the
translation done.

I believe we would be ready with a quality translation of the handbook
and some articles by the end of the year. The team is bigger now and its
members are all experienced FreeBSD users thus I'm confident this won't
be a false start as it was the last year.

Unregistered ;) FreeBSD "user"
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