Week 05 - 25-31 January 2010
1. Feature of the week 05

On 25 January 2010, A Virtual Memorial Foundation
is entering NewMediaFest’2010 - launching the media art context.
Draft Title: Shoah v.1.0  -
on occasion of the International Holocaust Day - 27 Jan' 2010 -
the 65th Return of the Liberation of Auschwitz (27 January 1945-2010),
including numerous artists working in different digital media - also launch of -
SFC - Shoah Film Collection  - ,
which will be the feature of the month February 2010?

Enter --> Draft Title: Shoah v.1.0

Celebrate! - netart features 2010
10 Years - JavaMuseum - Forum for Internet Technology in Contemporary Art
the netart features are released in form of the daily journal -
-Celebrate!- - - this week-->
Monday: Carmen Olmo (Puerto Rico)
Tuesday: Jeremy Hight (USA)
Wednesday: Alan Biegelow (USA)
Thursday: Marc Cypher (Australia)
Friday: Aleksandar Janicijevic (Canada)
Saturday: Chris Basmajan (USA)
Sunday: Jing Zhou (China)

3. JIP - JavaMuseum Interview Project - a series of interviews -
-->this week: :
Monday: Pat Badani (USA)
Tuesday: Anahi Caceres (Argentina)
Wednesday: Curt Cloninger (USA)
Thursday: Genco Gulan (Turkey)
Friday: Taztvydas Bajakevicius (Lithuania)
Saturday: Domenico Quaranta (Italy)
Sunday: Panos Kouros (Greece)

4. VideoChannel Cologne - Greek Video Art -
curated by Gioula Papadopoulou (GR) - features for 12 days> this week:
Monday: Margarita Stavraki (Gr)
Tuesday: Giorgos Dimitrakopoulos (Gr)
Wednesday: Eileen Botsford (Gr)
Thursday: Yiannis Konstantinou (Gr)
Friday: Ioanna Myrka (Gr)
Saturday: Konstantinos Vaviloussakis (Gr)
Sunday: Panayota Tzamourani (Gr)

5. VideoChannel - Found Footage Film Collection> this week:
Monday: Dr. Boston (USA)
Tuesday: Leslie Huppert (Germany)
Wednesday: Alistair McClymont (UK)
Thursday: Agricola de Cologne (Germany)
Friday: Sonja Vuk (Croatia)
Saturday: Joshua Rosenstock (USA)
Sunday: Owen Mundy (USA)

6. CologneOFF V - features for one day -
to be finalized on 31 January 2010
-->this week:
Monday: Sonja Vuk (Croatia)
Tuesday: Nilgün Serbest & Tobias Kurtz (Germany)
Wednesday: Chis Coleman (USA)
Thursday: Roland Fuhrmann (GER)
Friday: Virginie Foloppe (France)
Saturday: Fumiko Matsuyama (Japan)
Sunday: Ascan Breuer (Germany)

January 2010 - features of the month
1. VideoChannel Cologne --> French Video Art (2010)
2. JavaMuseum --> 1st of Java - 1st global competition (2001)
3. SoundLAB - Soundart from Chile (2006) - curated by Rainer Krause

rohrpost - deutschsprachige Liste zur Kultur digitaler Medien und Netze

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